SENCI Electric mechanical Co., Ltd

About us

SENCI Electric mechanical Co., Ltd., established in April 1993,the company started in the services of small-sized generators, and made the small-sized generator products awarded with “Chongqing High-tech Products”. By depending on the R&D and manufacturing advantages in terms of core components including small-sized motors, the company gradually extended from general power machinery industry to the terminal application field, forming complete industrial chain from parts to final products.

 The production and sales scale of the company has been ranking top position in the industry for years, and the company formed annual production capacity of 1.2 million small-sized motors in types, shaping the production capacity of 500,000 units in types yearly in terms of terminal products. General gasoline generator sets of the company received top-rank position in the export volume.Company was awarded the National High-tech Enterprise,National intellectual property advantage enterprises, Chongqing outstanding private enterprises,Top 100 private enterprises in Chongqing,Chongqing innovative enterprise, Chongqing intellectual property advantage enterprises,Chongqing famous trademark, Chongqing famous export enterprises, Chongqing May 1 labor award,National workers pioneer,Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Little giant enterprise and other honorary titles more than 30.

The company established relatively complete network coverage at home and abroad through global marketing strategies, adopted the marketing model combining direct sales and terminal distribution of components for domestic market, owned nearly 140 direct sales customers for small-sized generators and over 100 distributors for terminal products, and established long-term and stable cooperation relations with involving well-known general machinery manufacturers involving Honda, Yamaha, Loncin Industries, Lifan Shares, and Rato Power. For foreign markets, the company sold products to over 100 countries and regions in the world, established cooperation relations and developed continuous sales, and established a number of overseas subsidiaries,responsible for the international market development.

By relying on the R&D and manufacturing advantages of motors and general gasoline engine products, the company is vigorously expanding the market of terminal products presently, deploying global marketing network system, achieving parallel advancement of domestic and overseas markets, and consolidating the industry strength and user fame with “Senci”-branded “generator expert”.

By adhering to the business philosophy with "open innovation, teamwork, diligence and perseverance, Centurial Senci", the company is committed to becoming the "global generator expert", Build SENCI into a respected international enterprise, and let SENCI light up the world.