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Senci Electric Machinery Co., Ltd, established in 1990, has been publicly listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange since late 2019, trading under the stock code 603109. Our pioneering journey began with the development and commercialization of alternators for electric power generation. Over the years, we have diversified our offerings to encompass a comprehensive range of engine-driven products. Our commitment to innovation and technological advancement has earned us repeated recognition as a provider of "High-tech Products in Chongqing."

Drawing upon our expertise in the development and manufacture of core components such as small engines and electric alternators, Senci consistently broadens its product range to encompass the general machinery market. This strategic expansion has enabled us to offer a comprehensive suite of industrial products, spanning from individual components to fully assembled end products.

With an annual production capacity exceeding 3 million units of various small alternators and motors, alongside 2.2 million units of diverse complete end products, Senci boasts a production and marketing scale that has consistently ranked at the forefront of the industry. Notably, our export volume of portable gasoline generator sets positions us as the leading exporter in China.

As a distinguished designer and manufacturer of small to medium wattage alternators and generators, Senci operates through 9 branches strategically positioned across the globe, including locations in the United States, Dubai, Russia, Nigeria, Indonesia, Germany, Brazil, Thailand, and Mexico. Moreover, we are actively pursuing plans to establish up to 40 additional branches worldwide. Our core focus lies in the development, production, and exportation of premium gasoline generators, gasoline engines, water pumps, high pressure washers, as well as ancillary components such as mufflers, control panels, and frames.

Each of our branches holds its own intellectual property rights and patents, and adheres to the ISO9001:2008 quality management standard, alongside various other international quality benchmarks. Senci's unwavering commitment to excellence has earned us a stellar reputation within the industry, facilitating enduring partnerships with customers across more than 100 countries.

By consistently meeting market demands and delivering innovative, high-performance, and top-quality products, underscored by exceptional customer service, Senci has garnered widespread respect and loyalty from customers and partners worldwide. At the heart of our ethos lies a dedication to fostering enduring relationships, empowering our partners to achieve their market share objectives and profit targets through our superior product offerings.

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development history

Establishment of Wanli battery store
Acquisition of Xinxin Machinery Factory
Establishment of Chongqing SENCI Machinery for alternator
Acquisition of Chongqing Cameo Gasoline Engine Co., LTD
Establishment of Fenghuo machinery manufacturing Co., LTD
Establishment of Chongqing Ampride power machinery Co., LTD
Establishment of Jiangsu Senci
Establishment of American branch
Establishment of Chongqing SENCI General Power Co., LTD and Chongqing Shenkai Electromechanical Co.
Establishment of Dubai branch
Establishment of Chongqing Chenhui Mechanical and electrical Co., LTD
Be listed SENCI 603109